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Liebe MitleserInnen!

Auf meinem Parallel-Blog werde ich exklusiv - in deutscher Sprache - von meiner Ost-Kanada-Reise berichten. Wer also Lust hat, folgt mir hier: KLICK. Ich freue mich auf Euren Besuch und Eure Kommentare.

August 25, 2015

The mysterious Province

I am talking about Quebec (pronounced: kebek). Of course one will find lots of facts and figures written up on Wikipedia and elsewhere such as being located in east-central Canada, being the largest Canadian province by area, and having a population of 8.2 million with French as their sole official language.

Source: wikimedia

Another interesting trivia might be that Quebec was founded in 1763, so it is quite old for North American standards, and will likely have a lot of history to offer. Its largest city is Greater Montreal with a population of 3.8 million followed by Quebec City short under 0.8 million. And then there is weather, all four seasons (big on winter), an abundance of wildlife (moose anyone?), and half a million lakes or so.

The music is Celine Dion, the sports is hockey and the cuisine is poutine. What does that say about these Quebecois or is it Quebecers? I have to admit, I know next to nothing about Quebec, but as I am going to spend a major portion of my journey in this very province, am curious to find out more...

During my research I had a hard time finding travel information about Quebec. Most of the travel literature seem to recommend a visit of Montreal and Quebec City, plus a tour around the Gaspé peninsula. But is that it? I searched for blogs with Quebec travel content but to limited avail. Nothing to be found in English language, forget about German, and most Quebecois bloggers seem to be globetrotters, not homebodies. Is there nothing to write about in this huge province or do they simply want to keep the beauty of Quebec a hidden secret? At the end I came across two blogs where I found some cultural and culinary inspiration:

I do not understand everything, and Google translate doesn't seem to help much with Canadian French, however pictures tell the story just as well, and now I am very much looking forward to visiting the mysterious province, that nobody seems to write about.


Für die deutsche Version hopst doch bitte mal 'rüber auf meinen Kanada-Blog.

August 24, 2015

Funny Encounter II (A Moto Bloggeress)

This Monday marks the first day of freedom, albeit the limited kind, as I have to get back to work in October. Meanwhile temperatures have dropped from yesterday's almost 30°C to 17°C. The skies are ridden with big fat clouds (Martha would know the kind I am sure), and it's raining hard, as if to prepare me for things to come...

River Rhine at Hitdorf

I guess you all know that odd feeling in the pit of your stomach before that last important exam, before wedding day, before... an epic road trip. I am on edge, feeling twitchy, excited, nervous. I haven't slept well in the last couple of days, and my usually (all too) good appetite has dwindled.

Former industrial harbour, now used for leisure

Anyway, coming to the point of my story: Last weekend we were on the road again as Roland was attending a high school reunion in the Dusseldorf/Cologne area. Meanwhile I got to visit my mom, and took the rest of the day off to roam freely.

The Crane Cafe

It so came that I met again with Funny, an avid dual sport bike rider, (mostly) solo traveler (although all her family members ride), and moto camper. She suggested an interesting location in a previous industrial harbour setting: The Kran-Cafe (Kran = crane) in Leverkusen-Hitdorf at the river Rhine to meet.

The cafe

And as we are both from German descent (although Funny was born in Italy) we were both not on time but ten minutes early  ;-) I almost didn't recognise her, she lost a huge amount of weight (and had a new haircut, too). I wish I had a tiny portion of her discipline and willpower. Kudos to Funny for pulling through with this!


Well, we chatted away the afternoon, enjoyed the nice weather and the water view until sunset. Curiously (but not for us) we had a lot to talk about, and when we said our goodbyes it was with the promise to meet again. Thanks, Funny for the enjoyable afternoon.

Sunset w/crane


Ein weiteres Treffen mit Funny (einer Moto Bloggerin)
Dieser Montag hat eine besondere Bedeutung: Mein erster Tag in Freiheit. Allerdings wird dieses Gefühl nur bis zum Oktober begrenzt sein, bis ich meinen neuen Job antreten werde. Seit gestern sind die Temperaturen von 30°C auf 17°C gefallen. Der Himmel ist wolkenverhangen und es regnet stark, als wenn mich das Wetter auf die Dinge, die da kommen mögen, vorbereiten wollte...
Ich denke, so ziemlich jeder wird dieses komische Gefühl in der Magengrube kennen, vor der letzten wichtigen Prüfung, vor der Hochzeit oder auch vor einer großen Reise ins Unbekannte. Ich bin nervös, gereizt, aufgeregt, habe nicht besonders gut geschlafen und mein sonst viel zu guter Appetit hat auch gelitten. 

Ach ja, zurück zum Thema: Jedenfalls waren wir letztes Wochenende schon wieder mal unterwegs, da Roland zu einem Klassentreffen wollte. Ich hatte derweil die Gelegenheit, meine Mom zu besuchen und meine Freizeit zu genießen. So ergab es sich, dass ich mich wieder mit Funny (einer Enduro fahrenden, teilweise solo reisenden und zeltenden Moto-Bloggerin) verabredet hatte. Sie schlug das Kran-Cafe am Rhein in Leverkusen-Hitdorf vor, welches Teil einer alten Hafenindustrieanlage ist. Sehr kultig!

Da wir ja nun mal beide Deutsche sind (auch wenn Funny in Italien geboren ist), waren wir nicht nur pünktlich, sondern zehn Minuten zu früh. Ich hätte sie beinahe gar nicht erkannt. Nicht nur, dass sie Unmengen abgenommen hatte, eine neue Frisur hatte sie auch! Gut schaute sie aus! Ich wünschte, ich hätte ihre Disziplin und Willensstärke, um meine überflüssigen Pfunde purzeln zu lassen. Chapeau, Funny und weiter so! 

Wir quasselten den ganzen Nachmittag weg und plötzlich ging die Sonne unter. Es wurde uns einfach nicht langweilig und wir hüpften ohne Unterlass von einem zum nächsten Thema. Als wir uns verabschiedeten war klar, dass wir uns bald wiedersehen werden. Vielen Dank, Funny, für den unterhaltsamen und schönen Nachmittag.